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Photographs by 15 RPS Members





Ulrich Ackermann


Born 1947, Swiss, lives in Konolfingen


Swiss documentary-photographer Ulrich Ackermann has been a passionate nature and landscape photographer for more than 40 years. Using analogue cameras and film, forces him to consider his subject with greater care. Fifteen years ago, he discovered his ideal format using a Hasselblad X-Pan vertically instead of the normal horizontal image. He has had five books published of aerial photography of western parts of Switzerland and the Dolomite mountains of northern Italy. His latest book is of trees in Switzerland photographed throughout the seasons. The vertical format celebrates the link that trees make between the earth and the sky. His work has also been featured in several in-flight magazines and international nature and photography publications.




Hakim Boulouiz 


Born 1976, Swiss, lives in Geneva


Hakim Boulouiz is a Visual Artist, a Professional Photographer and an Expert in Urban Aesthetics with a multidisciplinary training. He is looking to tell stories around poetry, mystery and paradox by using all the layers involved in the construction of urban drama. From a young age, he was attracted to all artistic activities and fascinated by the creative process. After receiving a Diploma in Architecture, a diploma in Filmmaking, he completed a PhD analysing the mutual inspiration  between urban modernity and the art of short film. Hakim has won several international photography awards. He is active in street photography around the world.




Sergio Figliolia


Born 12.04.1978, Italian, lives in Rome, Italy


Sergio was born in Salerno, Italy, where he grew up and studied electronic engineering. He subsequently lived in Germany, Hungary, the UK and Sweden before going back to Rome, where he currently lives.

He studied photography at Officine Fotografiche (Rome, Italy)

In 2012 he received an ARPS distinction from the RPS.

He has exhibited in several festivals and galleries throughout Italy (Fondazione Forma Milan; Fotoleggendo, Rome), the UK (several galleries including the Royal Albert Hal) Switzerland and Japan (Frameman Exhibition Salon Ginza, Tokyo).

He is currently represented by Zoxx Gallery (NL), Oliver Gordon Gallery (Toronto, Canada) and Galleria Gallerati (Rome, Italy).




Rob Kershaw


Born 06.02.52, British, lives in Avry-sur-Matran


I’ve been involved in photography since the early seventies and had a professional involvement in the industry with ILFORD working in the UK, Japan and for 25 years Marly Switzerland.

I am an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and have had work exhibited and published in the UK, Japan and Switzerland. I am a regular contributor to Inscape magazine in the UK.

Many of my images are based around shapes, patterns, juxtapositions & abstract forms often with an architectural content. I also enjoy Street Photography.

I’ve been working with Pentax cameras since 1975 and now use a K-1


e-mail: rob.kershaw@bluewin.ch



Timo Lehto


Born 20.9.1959, Finnish, lives in Jonen (AG)


Timo Lehto, born in Tampere, Finland, a Finnish citizen, living in Switzerland since March 2000, at first in Zürich, then in Thalwil and since 2001 in the beautiful small village of Jonen in Kt. Aargau.

His photographs are reflections of feelings and personal encounters – emotions transferred into images, experiences shown as pictures.

A self-taught photographer going his own way, personally helped, instructed and encouraged by great photographers like Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Anders Petersen, Christopher Morris and Paul Elledge, to name some of them.

Works have been shown 2015 on the streets of Zürich in the Radio-24 #dasischzüri-campaign, in a TPW exhibition in San Quirico d’Orcia, Italy, 2016, as well as in the photo16 and photo18 exhibitions in Zürich.




Candia Peterson


 Born 25.11.1961 in London, British, Lives in Samoëns, France


Born and raised in London and attended Oxford University in the early 80s. For thirty years, I have been the owner of Lutyens Furniture and Lighting which reproduces the designs of my grandfather, Sir Edwin Lutyens. This a full-time business and one I approach with passion.

My interest in photography started in childhood when an Uncle gave me an Olympus Trip 35 and taught me to use his darkroom. It has become a more serious occupation in recent years and much of my free time is spent with my camera.




Michael Qvortrup


  Born June 18, 1965, Swiss, lives in Birmensdorf, ZH


Originally from Denmark, I moved to Switzerland 33 years ago. My day-to-day work is as an IT consultant, and I use photography as a compensating creative outlet (where I funnily enough still spend an inordinate amount of time in front of the PC…). My main photographic interests are landscapes and macro photography.




Michelle Richardson


 Born 30.11.1962, New Zealand, lives in Switzerland


A nomad in terms of country of residence, Michelle has spent the last 12 years in Switzerland, whilst focusing her area of photography in the wildlife and nature genre.  A student of the Institute of Photography, Michelle has attained a Highly Commended grade in Advanced Photography and Distinction grade in Street Photography.  She is a member of the Royal Photographic Society and has recently completed the associated Open University course in photography.



Max Robinson


 British, Lives in Lachen (SZ)


Max’s holds Fellowships of the Royal Photographic Society in Travel and Multimedia. He has been published in the Journal of the Royal Photographic Society. Exhibited at Photo14, Photo16, Photo 18, Hasselblad winners at Photo17, Royal Photographic Society Japan expo in Tokyo, Dow Europe Gallery (solo exhibition) Short-listed winner Travel Photographer of the Year 2014, Long-listed in Taylor Wessing Prize, 2014, 3rd place in Food Photographer of the Year 2018, Permanent Exhibition of portraits and documentary video” Women Fighters of Tigray” at the War Memorial Museum in Mekele, Ethiopia.


Instagram: Max_Robinson FRPS



Richard Simmons


Born 11.12.1956, British, lives in Cruseilles, France


I spent the first 20 years of my life in London, then moved to Geneva where I still work in the field of information technology, commuting from a village not far from Annecy. My first serious attempts at photography were at the age of 14 with an inexpensive, but solidly built, Russian SLR camera – the legendary Zenith E. My passion for photography has continued since. Other interests include history, music and visual arts. I am studying archaeology as a part-time student at a UK University and hope to graduate in 2019.



Paolo Solari Bozzi


Born 1957, Italian, lives in Celerina, Switzerland


Born in Rome in 1957, Paolo Solari Bozzi spent most of his youth outside Italy and started his darkroom activity when he was 15, in Venice.

After obtaining a Law Degree from the Università Statale in Milan, Paolo was admitted to the Bar, following which he practiced international law in Milan and then Rome. In 1990, he decided to quit the country, and his job, and settle in Zurich. He printed only occasionally until 2011, when his latent passion for black and white photography was re-awakened and the darkroom in Celerina, near St. Moritz, became the new center of his professional activity. After overcoming a malignant and aggressive tumour, and withstanding chemotherapy, 2012 saw Paolo travelling for 5 months by Land Rover through Southern Africa. Photographs from this trip, together with others shot in 2010, have been published in “Namibia Sun Pictures” (Tecklenborg, 2013). In 2014, he travelled across Zambia for four months, covering over ten thousand kilometres, mostly on dirt roads. In an attempt to capture their inner being, Paolo’s second work, “Zambian Portraits” (Skira, 2015) concentrates on the facial expressions of local men, women and children, focusing, in particular, on their gazes.

In the winter of 2016 Paolo travelled for two months in the East coast of Greenland, catching on film the harsh environment of the Inuit peoples and the stunning, eternal beauty of the landscapes. The result of this trip was published in January 2017 in his latest photobook “Greenland into White” (Electa).

His works have been exhibited in St. Moritz, Windhoek, Milan, Singapore, Salzburg, Paris, Venice, and Palermo.




Jill Taylor


Born 10.02.1954, British and Swiss, lives in Coppet, VD


My two degrees in Anatomy and Physiology (Bristol University) and Optometry (Manchester University) have been a useful basis for my interest in photography. Having started in the days of 35mm cameras and my own darkroom, I moved to digital cameras a few years ago. Starting with an Olympus OMD EM5 I have recently changed to a full format Canon 5DS. Regular participation in the Swiss Chapter’s e-circle has been a steep learning curve in appreciating the difference between the old and new methods.




Richard Tucker


Born 1942, from Dewsbury UK, lives in Diesse, Switzerland


A childhood hobby of photography became more serious during a four-year Merchant Navy apprenticeship. This got me a job as a newspaper photographer with The Yorkshire Evening Post and while a student at Liverpool University some work with the Liverpool Echo. Following a Postgrad in Radio Film and Television and four years teaching in that department, my career centred on film, video and AV for education and training in Scotland and then the Netherlands. After more than 25 years image production, my last 14 years were working for visually impaired students across Africa and the Russian Federation. Now I work in portrait and street photography and have had exhibitions in Britany, The Netherlands and Switzerland and joint exhibitions in Switzerland and Japan.

I am currently one of the seven Trustees of the RPS and a member of the RPS Council.




Jean-Pierre Vicario


Born 1969, Swiss, lives in Lausanne


After being captivated by the fascinating world of photography as a teenager, Cartier-Bresson conveyed to me the meticulousness of framing and Steve Mc Curry opened my eyes to the colours of our world.

With these references, and with a Federal Certificate of Adult Trainer, I offer you simple tools to develop your creativity in the field of photography.

Today, at the age of 49, I combine two activities in parallel: that of adult trainer and photographer.

Trainer with a Federal Certificate: I have organized more than 120 training sessions and courses in Switzerland for over 900 participants in French and English. I am essentially devoted to both amateur and experienced photographers, not only in technical and shooting fields but equally in reading and analysing images. Since 2009 I have organized and animated the photography courses for the Photo Club of Lausanne. I also use photography as team-building tools for local and international companies.

Photographer: I concentrate on four main themes: reportage, portraits, concerts and travel photography. I carry out various mandates such as portraits and reportages for associations or companies as well as photos of shows or concerts.

I have the privilege of being today ambassador for Fujifilm Switzerland.




Carlos Wunderlin


 Born 1974, Swiss, lives in Lausanne


Carlos is a man who loves making photographs and spending time traveling with his wife. He is fortunate in being able to spend some of his time on personal projects, discovering cultures and amazing locations. He was born in Colombia, from a Swiss father and a Colombian mother. He lives in Lausanne, Switzerland and is always seeking opportunities to express his love for photography.